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Archives: Treasure Island Music Festival 2011

KUESTIONNAIRE: Buraka Som Sistema (Treasure Island Music Festival Edition: Part 2)

Somewhere between Dizzee Rascal and Chromeo tomorrow at Treasure Island Music Festival there is going to be a high energy freak-fest that will require all amounts of energy from the unsuspecting audience. The culprit; Portugal’s Buraka Som Sistema, a dance crossed with thrash and fiery electronica group that create music to lose control to. The… Read the full article

KUESTIONNAIRE: Wild Beasts (Treasure Island Music Festival Edition: Part 1)

Well this is exciting; I’m going to come right out and say it…I’m pretty excited we got England’s Wild Beasts to answer this special edition of the Kuestionnaire. While I was an admittedly casual fan of 2009’s Two Dancers, it wasn’t until this year’s Smother that I became a dedicated Wild Beasts listener. The album… Read the full article