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The SUPER LATE SXSW 2012 Coverage // Saturday, March 17th: Photos & Recap

Finally! Lets wrap up this party of post about the festival I attended two months ago. Let’s get something straight though before I describe the conclusion to my festivities; SXSW is more than just an interactive festival of music, film, and social media advances, it’s a social experience on several different levels. Yes there is free live music (minus official shows), free beer, free food, and free transportation (see Ray-Ban Taxi), but what makes SXSW is the adventure of it all. Even though you’re being bombarded with all sorts of corporate messages and absurdly ridiculous marketing techniques (see Giant Doritos Vending Machine Stage), SXSW is a playground for the modern young adult. You experience music you’ve never heard before, try food you’ve never tasted before, meet people you’ve never met before, and participate in all sorts of adventures that will garner stories that will eventually be shared with your friends, future children, or cats. It’s not just one of the best music festivals around, it’s one of the best communal gatherings of young, like-minded people around. I will be back again next year for sure.

Now without further ado, here’s the rest of The SUPER LATE SXSW 2012 Coverage.

The SUPER LATE SXSW 2012 Coverage // Wednesday, March 14th: Photos & Recap

Since I ended my first day of SXSW kind of early, I knew I had lost time to make up. You see, unless waiting on line to see people like Jack White, Grimes, or Fiona Apple is your forte, it’s best to get to shows early or witness bands you’re “heard of” but never actually “heard.” Which is something I’ve said to people more than I care to admit. Wednesday was about catching bands that I’ve been meaning to see for quite some time now and I wasn’t disappointed.

The SUPER LATE SXSW 2012 Coverage // Tuesday, March 13th: Photos & Recap

So after a few weeks to gather myself and edit the plethora of photos I foolishly thought I could power through in a few nights (No. Nope. Not at all) here is the official SUPER LATE SXSW coverage from Kata Rokkar. Yup, remember that music festival last month where everyone in the business came to Austin TX and watched 20 bands, drank free beer, ate free brisket, and slept three hours every night only to wake up and do it all over again? Yeah well while everyone else is getting ready for Coachella, I am still reminiscing over the overly sponsored and mass hype-fest that is SXSW Festival. One can’t help but feel like you’re embedded into this commercial landscape of demographics and target markets. But luckily there is still a communal atmosphere among those who attend this event. Every one has a unique story about who they saw, where they ate, and where they wound up the next morning. Oh that DJ Baby Chino (above), who I’m a little impressed and terrified by.

SXSW 2012 // 15 Bands To See At SXSW 2012

SXSW is pretty intimidating to those that want to trek across the musical Disney Land that is this crazy festival. To an audience member it’s like a Cheese Cake Factory menu and your decision could end up being a serious mistake. Plus add long lines to shows you probably won’t get into (The Roots, Fiona Apple, Grimes, Miike Snow, The Shins, etc) and the walking (OH THE WALKING!) from venue to venue can be daunting. Well we here at Kata Rokkar are going to make it easier for you to check out bands you might like. If you don’t like one, well listen to another and maybe you’ll like them. If you like none of the 15 bands I suggested on this post…we’re no longer friends.

Anyway, this post is obviously Bay Area band heavy but some are just acts I’ve been digging for a few months now and would highly suggest you do the same. I mean, after you put down that Lone Star and breakfast taco. Take it easy on those by the way, your digestive system will thank you.