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KUESTIONNAIRE: Wild Beasts (Treasure Island Music Festival Edition: Part 1)



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Well this is exciting; I’m going to come right out and say it…I’m pretty excited we got England’s Wild Beasts to answer this special edition of the Kuestionnaire. While I was an admittedly casual fan of 2009’s Two Dancers, it wasn’t until this year’s Smother that I became a dedicated Wild Beasts listener. The album is a step in the right direction for a group that had clearly indentified themselves as wildly creative and sonically bold. The layered configuration and sensuality of tracks like Plaything and the enchanting hustle of Bed of Nails is enough to put Smother on the top on anyone’s Favorite Music of 2011 chart; as long as they are fans of complex and solid soundscapes. Plus who can resist that countertenor from lead singer Tom Fleming? Ladies?

You can catch Wild Beasts at this weekend’s Treasure Island Music Festival at the Tunnel Stage on Day Two (October 16th, Sunday) from 3:45-4:15PM.

Also, pick up Smother right .

Part One of Two of our Treasure Island Music Festival Kuestionnaire Series features Wild Beasts guitar player Ben Little as he shares an interesting non-musical influence.


1. Could you state your name and what you do in the band?
Ben Little, Guitarist

2. How would you describe your sound?
Well we listen to a lot of electronic music, and we’ve tried to think about the structures, sounds and restraints in that approach, while still keeping the human element of our hands and even feet playing the instruments.

3. What is your favorite local band?
Local Natives (I’m in LA right now).

4. Any concerts that blew your mind recently?
A band that were on tour with us called ‘Bobby’ totally blew me away.

5. Any non-musical influence you would like to mention?
David Attenborough.

6. If your music was to be the theme of a film/TV show, what would it be?
I would love our music to be used on a natural history program. Especially if David Attenborough was narrator. During this tour I have watched a lot of Attenborough at night, It’s the only thing that can get me to sleep after a manic day on the road.

7. What musician/artist would you like to collaborate with for a day?
Kanye West.

8. What is the album you listen to on a cold rainy day?
Grouper ‘ Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill’.

9. List four songs you would listen to on a roadtrip?
Fleetwood Mac ‘Everywhere’, Beach Boys ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’, Bruce Springsteen ‘Dancing In The Dark’, Darft Punk ‘Around The World’.

10. Where do you see yourselves in 7 years?
I can’t even say where I see myself in seven days, never mind in seven years time. It’s too scary.

11. What is the last book you read?
It’s Lovely To Be Here – The Touring Diaries Of A Scottish Gent by James Yorkston.

12. Is image a factor in music or is it a waste of time?
Of course image is a factor in music and of course its a waster of time.

13. Any embarrassing moments on stage you would like to share?
After the second album was recorded we played a show in Prague, it was the first show we had ever played songs from Two Dancers and the first four songs of the set were recorded for Czech TV. Unfortunately my guitar was broken when we bounded on stage, we played the first four songs with myself miming.

14. Any favorite tour locations?
Just yesterday we went to Brighton Beach near Santa Cruz. It was amazing to visit the sea after a tour that has seen us battle against all weather conditions. Sea Lions were sun bathing! But overall I think New York is my favourite place to visit. It’s built on a different scale to anything you get back home, and it always feels like your walking around in a movie, there is always something to keep you occupied.

15. Lastly, what is your present state of mind?
You’ve got me at a good time actually, we are coming to the end of our five week tour of North America, and I feel we have played some great shows, seen a lot of cool areas and eaten a huge amount of good food. Like the title of James Yorkstons book I would say “It’s Lovely To Be Here”.


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[mp3] Wild Beasts – Loop The Loop from Smother (2011)

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[mp3] Local Natives – Eyes Wide (Fool’s Gold Remix)