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upcoming show: Monotonix




l_41a61ee037ce4d708fd33f3c83e4db5aIf you were lucky enough to catch Monotonix at last year’s Treasure Island Music Festival, you might have an idea what to expect on January 28th at the Rickshaw Stop. That’s right the one and only Monotonix return to San Francisco with their usual style of fucking shit up. But if you weren’t at Treasure Island this year, let me fill you in; the band crowd surfed while still playing their instruments (even the drums), set up right in the middle of the field, and dumped garbage all over the place in a fit of utter insanity and garage-rock driven chaos. And it was liberating to witness. The Tel Aviv, Israel based band know how to fire off that Iggy Pop-like reckless abandon and rawness and perfectly translate that on record. The band’s latest effort, Not Yet, is exactly that. A bludgeoning hay-maker of pure garage-punk mania, shot from a cannon right into the ears of an unsuspecting public. Pick it up on the 25th of January or pre-order it here.

So try like hell to make it out to the Rickshaw Stop on Friday, January 28th if you want to be shaken out of your skin and thrown into something naturally deranged. It’s going to be quite a show.

Did we mention Ty Segall and NODZZZ are opening? Yeah, be there.

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Monotonix – Before I Pass Away from Not Yet