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LA rock outfit Eulogies kicked off their 20-date US tour with The Dears last night with a show in New York at the Bell House. The band has recently released their new album, Here Anonymous and have been getting some rave reviews with their unique brand of emotional indie pop. The band will be swinging by here May 24, at the Independent in San Francisco with The Dears and Great Northern.

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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have kicked off their US tour in case you didn’t know. However the only Bay Area swing they’ll be doing is the KITS Live 105 BFD show at the Shoreline Amphitheatre with The Offspring, 311, Taking Back Sunday…does that sound like fun to you? If it does then SHUT UP! No but seriously, the other stages have Audrye Sessions, Metric, Airborne Toxic Event, The Limousines, and Glasvegas. So I guess it’s not all bad is it?


I felt obligated to find out who A Camp was after reading some decent reviews. So I listen to Stronger Than Jesus a few times and was kind of impressed. I’m sure I’ll end up looking into them a bit more but currently I’ve been listening the balls of the new Jeremy Enigk (woops, did it leak?) album to really care about anything else. But anyways, their new album, Colonia came out last Tuesday and so far so good in my opinion. Crocodiles’ buzzy but kind of shitty Summer of Hate came out and commercial theme indie pop band Great Northern released Remind Me Where The Light Is. Quite a ‘meh’ week for releases.

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