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Kata’s Weekend Showcase: Off To Boston Edition



Kata's Weekend Showcase, Music

I’ll be blogging (hate that word) on the road this coming week. In fact as you read this, I’ll already be in Boston drinking heavily and celebrating my friend’s birthday. Good times. Anyway, I have quite a few reasons why I’ll be in Boston. Here are my top 5…

1. Opening Day at Fenway with the Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays! Courtesy of my good friend Katie. GO SOX!

2. Friend’s crazy Birthday pub crawl. Maybe a drunk post tonight…who knows what could happen?

3. Mates of State / Black Kids / SUNBEARS! show at the newly renovated House of Blues. Good to finally see my boys in SUNBEARS! perform.

4. Zombie parade on EASTER DAY! Will I bring a camera? Yes. Will there be a shitload of Zombie Jesus’? I’m guessing yes on that one.

5. Boston Pillow Fight Today! I don’t know where it’s going to be (yet) but I’ll definitely be there.

Click to Download Mates of State – My Only Offer

Moving on…

To celebrate the new releases of Michael ZapruderDragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope and 1090 ClubNatural Selection, SideCho Records are giving away an exclusive package to one lucky person! You will receive a copy of ‘Dragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope’, ‘Natural Selection’, Michael Zapruder Tshirt, Posters from Michael and 1090 Club, and more. All you have to do is sign up for the SideCho Records Newsletter by emailing contests@sidecho.com.

Michael ZapruderDragon Chinese Cocktail Horoscope and 1090 Club ‘Natural Selection is now available through iTunes, your local record store, and through the SideCho Store. Every order through the SideCho Store comes with a special SideCho Records Sampler download.

Click to Download Michael Zapruder – Ads For Feelings

Hey! You know that band theSTART? Probably not, but you might want to get to know the band’s side project, Normandie. A very dark 80s-ish mix of Blondie and Portishead. You like the sound of that? Well then download this low quality demo and tell me what you think.

Click to Download Normandie – Little Sister (demo)

Some interesting new releases this past Tuesday. First off is the wonderful Great Lake Swimmers with Lost Channels. I seriously love this album and can already tell you that I will be listening to this album over and over on the plane. It’s very solid release, go buy it. Peter Bjorn and John return with Living Thing. Not as many catchy tunes as I would have expected, but it’s not bad. The Whitest Boy Alive’s Rules is growing on me a bit. Oh and the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, It’s Blitz, came out. I love this album so much. I’m so glad these guys went in this direction, it suits them well.

Click to Download The Whitest Boy Alive – Island

No this isn’t the cover of the new My Chemical Romance album. I wouldn’t do that to you after my little April Fools gag. This is the cover of Cage’s new free E.P. I Never Knew You. He says it will be available soon, but I’m not sure when that exactly is. But here’s the dark El-P produced title track from the upcoming and much anticipated E.P.

Click to Download Cage – I Never Knew You

  • blackapino09

    y’all gotta cop that Zapruder album. it’s like listening to healthy poison– i guess that means it’s really medicinal